Mary Knoblock



Mary Knoblock, is an EDM Artist & NEO Classical Composer as well as a Fine Artist who started the Produced by a Girl platform, movement and gateway for female producers, and artists while signed to Andre Williams for A&R Development via UMG in 2019. She had amassed a prolific set of electronic music and numerous albums before being signed. Her discography includes an impressive 23 albums with 150 songs produced and composed with her unique style of electronica meets jazz meets classical and trap EDM music. Instead of touring or performing, she dedicated part of her music career to building other women in the music industry alongside her creative work in music and the arts. Produced by a Girl now spans over 30 avenues in the digital sphere with opportunities for women in sync, distribution and publishing via Aurally Records powered by The Orchard. Produced by a Girl continues to utilize her opportunity in the music industry to empower female artists and producers daily. She has recently released 3 albums: Soul DM, Once Upon Forever and Electrify. She recently released her latest Compilation Album with incredible female artists and producers called Femme Frequency via her distribution label family The Stachehaus. As Produced by a Girl grew, she was requested to build a stronger platform for artists, and set up Aurally Records, which she owns and runs as CEO and Founder via The Orchard, a Sony Subsidiary label. Produced by a Girl and Aurally Records is a part of the legacy she is building that will ensure a gateway to the industry for all women in music in the future. Her current release Lethe Oneiroi is a journey through the river of forgetfulness and subconscious dreams in a holiday Christmas album with neoclassical, edm and trap elements all woven in. It’s also her debut with vocals on her tracks in EDM music. She recently worked on a prolific set of AI music spanning five albums and was a study on the emergence of AI music and composition in its infancy. She also recently joined Ivy Artists Management, a boutique talent agency in LA/NY as a Music Manager to develop and lead the next generation of youth musical talent. She has been creating paintings and drawings and editorial studies in photography for the past 25 years. Currently, her practices between music and art are combining into a cohesive artistic experience to blend the senses in enjoying art and music at its highest form. She is in the studio working on albums 25-30. She experiences true joy within the study of sound, and is eager to continue prolifically creating art and music. 


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